We create the sitemap of your site! We insert it into your web space with your site files! We send the sitemap automatically to the best research engines! Try our sitemap system and all you site pages will be indexed!

Make sure to be found by the serches engines, we submit all the pages of your site to the best reseaches engines in the world!

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We generate the SiteMap of your site

AutoSiteMap is a very powerfull professional tool , yust need to register and you can generate the sitemap of you web site, and automatically send it to  Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others reserch engines in order to help them to scan with efficency your web site ..

  • Auto Scan for all the site structure URL.
  • Automatically integrates XML file and HTML file of your site wich you choose.
  • Automatically submit the sitemap to the best searches engines.
  • Url analysis with suggestion of any mistaken url/link.
  • Deatiled Analysis (time generation, time passed and graphics..)
  • Schedule the generation of sitemap with automatic sending.
  • Compatibile with ALL CMS and scripts.

User Friendly Admin Panel

With our Admin Panel adaptable to any device you can easily manage any task.

You will need only few click to activate your account and start generate sitemap for your sites, to communicate automatically a full list of links of your site/application/ecommerce pages.

You can easily mange the frequency of creation of the sitemap and manage the sending to the researches engines, you can choose wich and when sending the serch engines your sitemap.

Thanks to AutoSiteMap you should not worry about anything, once you create the account, login to the panel and set the domain you wish to create the sitemap for, it's a done deal!

Once you have configured the domain into the management panel you'll only need to relax, we will take care of everything! If you have addded the domain to the search engine management tool (ie for Google you have the Webmaster Tool) you wuill be able to see the sitemap sent from the search engine management panel, in this way you can double check our job and from the serch engine panel as well.

Easy to Integrate

No Compatibility Limist with AutoSiteMap, our system creates sitemap for any application.


AutoSiteMap identify url of any cms/script and creates a full list of it. Identifies Images, Video, rss and all that is necessary in order to provide requested info to the serches engines to index all the pages.

Follows all the Links

Our System follows all the links from root without any sub-cathegory limit.

One click Start

You only need to insert the domain name , ftp login details , set the serches engines you prefer and how often you wish the sitemap is sent to them.
No more anction is needed!

Endless Benefits!

Benefits in using AutoSiteMap are endless, no more manual reportsor manual sitemap creation, from today on we will take care of everything.We specialized into communication with serch engines, we send them the data they prefer by leaving not necessay info, in this way ALL you site pages will be indexed, this means all your site pages will be found into the search engines results.

Premium support 24/7

Our support is always available 24/7 we are here to help you if you need further info or getting any issue.

Corrupt Url or Errors

Beside the generation of the sitemap, it is possible to check from our panel wich re the broken url of there are any errors, in this way you can fix them and you can get perfect reports, with no surprises!

AutoSiteMap Advantages To be #1 in the reserches engines results for your sites, products or services. Get quality traffic for your website and to have all the site's pages indexed. It is no small thing!

To Create a XML and HTML sitemap

wich will be sent to Google, Bing, Yahoo and others serches engines in order to help them positioning your wesb site pages.

Researches Engines

We have tight partnership with the most used reserches engines in the world in order to help them find the pages of the web sites.

Visible SiteMap

Create a sitemap of your site in html format in order to be able to see and check it manually also via browser.

Real Time Communication with Serches Engines!

You will have full management and customization of the frequency of creation and sending of the sitemap to the serch engines.

Map inserted into the site webspace

Our system automatically insert the sitemap into your site webspace , and the link of the map will be notifed to ther serch engines.

Automatic Communication

Once the automatic sitemap creation has been set, our system will send the map to the serch engines with the frequency you choose, even every 5 minutes!

Web Site with lots of content

Our Automatic system is very convenient for those who have a site wich is constantly updated , this allows the real time notification to the search engines and all the pages will be indexed , no more visitors lost!

Special format for serches engines!

Create a ROR sitemap, wich is an indipendent XML format for all the serch engines.

Magazine/Blog? Unlimited advantages

If you have a site/blog/script wiith a high update rate , autositemap is the right application for you , with our system you pages will be indexed in real time!

Images, video and RSS

AutoSiteMap locate all the elements of your site and notify them to the serch engines so that images, video and RSS will be indexed.

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FAQ Questions and Answers! instant clarifications!

Sitemap XML

Sitemaps XML are the preferred format of the serch engines because they contain better details about your site pages and the preferred structure.
Primary elements for a XML sitemap are:
  • Web page adress
  • Last change date
  • Update frequency
  • Relative Priority inside your site.

Is AutoSiteMap safe?

Yes, AutoSiteMap , is is a Sitemap builder and analyses only pages wich are accessible to everybody .The content limited by the file robots.txt from Google, Yahoo, Bing and others serch engines will not be included into the sitemap, the system will be using the rule set by the file robot easily by skipping the pages.

How to upload a map into my web space?

Uploading is very simple process : you will only need to provide ftp login details during the configuration for the sitemap creation, the system will create a file e sitemap.xml and will upload it into the main directory of your web site , afterwards will check the link as a serch engine and lastly will send it to all the serch engines in order to allow the indexing of all the pages into the serch engines.

Because it allows you to notify all the serches engines the pages of your web site .It ewill increase its visibility on  Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, ecc, and guarantees the indexing of the web pages wich have not been identified by the serch engines.

AutoSiteMap dialogues with serch engines by providing them a full url list , so that it will help search engines to positioning the pages listed into the sitemap we submit.

A Sitemap is a file were the pages of your site can be listed in order to communicate with Google, Bing, Ask.com and others serch engines about the organization of the contents of your site . e altri motori di ricerca circa l'organizzazione del contenuto del sito. Web crawler serch engines such as Googlebot they read this file in order to accurately scan your site.
Furthermore the site can provide precious metadata by associating them with the list of that site. Metadata are informations about a given page, such as when it has been lastly updated, how often the page has changed and the relevance of that page comapred to the URL of the site.

It is possible to use a sitemap to provide Google, Bing, Ask.com.. metadata about given content of your pages such as videos, images, mobil contents. For example you can provide Google informations about images and video:

A Sitemap video voice can specify the video in time execution, cathegory, age and adeguacy score.
An Image map voice of the site might include the Object Image, type and licence.

Your site is constanly updated. You own a blog, a magazine or a web application with many pages or with constanly increasing pages number, in this case the use of a sitemap is very important.Also the frequency of update is very important, in this way you can notify te researches engines when the pages are added and set the update frequency . Simple like that the pages will be automatically notified once created.

Your Site is very Big. Consequently it is most probably that Google web crawler might disregard some new pages or newly added ones.

Your site has an exhaustive content of archive pages wich are not connected to each others or are even isolated. If the pages are not referenced between each others they can be listed on a map in order to be sure that Google do not skip any page.

Your site is a new site and has few external link to it. Googlebot and others crawler web makes the Web scan by following links from another page. Consequently Gogle might not find  the pages if there are no others sites linked to it.

Your site uses multimedia contents, is shown in Google News, or uses other Sitemap-compatible annotations. Google and other search engines take in consideration the sitemap in order to make available your multimedia contents.

AutoSiteMap helps you to get better ranking and search engines coverage. By using AutoSiteMap for your web site , research engines such as  Google e Bing, Ask and others.. can provide a sequency of informations of how serch engines see your site and how customers get to your pages.

  • To Maximize pages coverage and positions of the pages already present into the search results.
  • To Speed up the page rate to show into the search engines .
  • To Optimize the use of Webmaster Tools the serch engines allows you to use ( we send the data , you analyze them into your panel)
  • To Help Google, Bing, Ask, and all the search engines to make a better scan of your site pages , to optimize indexing and positioning of your site
  • To Analyze the research datsas in order to see how may pages are found into the results and how many people found them
  • To Get Problems notifications Ricevi avvisi di problemi
  • To Check there are no errors

Our System analyzes all the pages, links, connections of your web site by creating a full list of it wich is called sitemap. The second step is to send the sitemap to all the search engines (which you can select from the management panel of our site) and to communicate them the full list so that this will help them to identify and show the pages in the research results.

The whole process of sitemap creation and notification of sitemap is fully automaic , we take care of everything you only need to set the frequency of sitemap creation and withthat given setting we will send the sitemap to the search engines.

Sure you will!! Our system has been especially studied for a user-friendly experience, you won't need any technical skill.

You'll only need the link of your site ( usually www.mydomain.com) and ftp login details of the webspace of wich you wish to create the sitemap.

AutoSiteMAp makes very simple but extremely important operations.

  1. Creates a sitemap of your site
  2. Check url for error
  3. Creates a Report
  4. Send a map of your site to the best search engines
  5. Receive and provides notificationd from search engines by checking the sent map

RSS feed are typical to inform search engines , directory and users about the new and updated contents althgouh they can also be used for the detials of al the web pages.

The good thing of RSS is that it allows to create all the new pages and update and send it to the search engines directory in order to better up te inclusion of new contents.

Sitemap HTML are traditional web pages wich include a structured list of wep pages of your site . Il Formato HTML  Format is more accessible to people but can also hel search engines to find the pages of your site.

Unlike RSS e XML sitemaps, sitemap HTML does not include the meta-dati for the web pages.

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